Body Prison

Part I
Surrounded by walls
Locked in with no hopes to escape
Ridiculed and damaged beyond repair
Everything seems so black, so pure
Like a beautiful dream about death
Taking white lines in one breath
Smiling like a carefree little bastard
Singing something so soft, soaked in pain
Oh lord set me free, I’m not a freak
I laugh it off, you laugh it off
Don’t leave when you hold my hand
A deadly storm is brewing
With an empty feeling coming from within
Have to free my black tar soul
Something like self hate, seals my fate
It’s done being haunted and fed
I have to leave now, will you miss me?
If I turned around and walked away
Would you notice I’m gone?

Part II
Wanted to be seen, to be loved
Fine glint of blade enters my veins
Hard claret stream falls to the floor
I feel numb, my mind is crawling
I only knew one path, I’m on it’s way
Are you out there? Can you see me?
I poured gasoline over myself and lit it up
Lying on the floor in light of my burning body
So bright, it turned everything black
Flames spark inside and heat up the fear
Every guilt, shame, pain and regret is releasing,
The blue sky turned into dark gray
As my soul is cleansing
My skin soaking the heat, turning dark
Blurred visions never seemed too clear
I freed myself, from this body prison
My legs feel so weak, i tired to stand
To stand through all my troubles
Just to spread my wings and fly
My body is dying, my soul is burning
And I’m feeling alive..


Another Chance Wasted

I hope this fan endures my weight,
This rope doesn’t break,
When I hang on it,
This heavy chair,
Displaces when I push it,
My heartbeat, body,
Never felt so high,
A dead calmness,
Noose around my neck,
Ready to die,
Ready to escape,
I can feel the death,
Black, dark, dope,
Spreading his arms,
To welcome me,
I’m a little afraid,
This is the moment I was waiting for,
These beautiful people,
Think I’m a happy man,
They got me on my knees,
They say I better watch myself,
Fuck this bad mean world,
Why I’m not killing me?
This rope is waiting for me,
I’m a coward,
Another chance Wasted.

I told my mom that I’m going out,
She didn’t asked where I’m going?
My sweet mom,
Thinks I’ll be back in few hours,
Sorry mom, I can’t live like this,
Sorry that I never told you,
What I’m going through,
I don’t want to hurt you.

I walked to the nearest station,
To try my luck,
This time a final goodbye,
I’m crying like hell,
My throat feels sore,
My face turns red,
Sobbing because of my feelings,
Took a deep breath,
Laid down on the track,
Wind is blowing real fast,
Touching my tears,
Waiting for the train,
I can hear the horn,
These tracks start shaking,
A weird excitement,
The train passes me by,
From other track,
It’s been 2 hours,
Why the fuck this train is not coming,
Crying for myself,
Another chance Wasted.

It’s hard to realise,
Why I’m so upset,
Sitting on the floor,
Crying so much more,
I’m a loser,
I got teased from head to toe,
Sometimes I feel I’m afraid of happiness,
I deserve this pain,
A story behind every tear,
How long do I have to live?
Why someone will love me,
A boy with disturbing life,
Hideous myself.

I was finding my books,
And I found ratkill,
I feel sorry for all the rats,
That this cube had killed them,
I’m sure their life would be much better,
Better then mine, worth living,
Holding this ratkill,
Wondering how to eat,
I fill the glass with water,
Almost ready to taste this,
Son! Oh is that my mom’s voice?
Oh no I’m busted,
She’s gonna be so mad at me,
But mom is smiling,
She rubbed my shoulder,
Thanked me for finding ratkill,
Cause there are so many rats in the house,
I wish I could be a rat,
Atleast there would be a guarantee,
Guarantee of death,
Another chance Wasted.

I’m standing at the edge of my patience,
I can’t hold it anymore,
Everyday the same losses,
Thinking why to waste words,
Why to waste breath,
Why to waste emotions,
Why to waste life,
No one knows who I’m,
I’m not the person you think you see,
Cause I’ve got demons inside of me,
I may have a smile on my lips,
But broken heart inside.

One last time,
Blade in my hands,
I saw this on tv,
Easiest way to die,
This blade will erase all my pain,
Pushed blade against my skin,
Deep red blood, flowing away through from my wrist,
I finally made it, this will be the end,
The final tear I cry,
The final thought,
I wanna die, my soul is so old,
I can’t move my hand,
Laying down on the floor,
Death welcoming me with open arms,
Oh boy death is so charming,
Nobody loves me anymore,
After a few days I wake up,
Nurse is changing bandage,
I’m alive,
Another chance Wasted.

Confident (Demi Lovato New Album Announcement)

Pop superstar Demi Lovato just revealed the title, cover art and track listing of her Fifth coming album via Twitter which is scheduled to release this October. Demi is killing the game since summer by releasing the epic summer anthem Cool for the Summer which is currently charting at #16 in Hot 100. Lovato was also announced as 2015 Video Music Award performer, premiering this Sunday. Demi took twitter this morning to announce the title of her highly anticipated LP, “CONFIDENT”. Yes! This is the title of her new record. She also Instagram the Picture of cover art captaining “You ready for this? 😏 NEW ALBUM OCTOBER 2015 #Confident”.  Lovato is advocate of positive body image and since the start of this era she is confident in showing her skin without worrying about haters and she also covered the  September issue Cosmopolitan Magazine. Which somehow maybe the reason behind this title? The record is scheduled to release in October, 2015. A release date is yet to be announced.

Demi announced the title in very creative way. Some of her closest friends in the industry revealed the tracklist throughout the night by mentioning the track number and it’s title. Wilmer Valderrama, Jennifer Lopez,  Iggy Azalea, Nick Jonas, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Bea Miller, Hailee Steinfeld, Perez Hilton, Christina Perri and Adam Lambert announced the tracklist.
The Track Listing of the record is below with two major collaborations. Hot 100 #1 rapper Iggy Azalea and rising rapper/pop artist Sirah, who is well known for her collaborations with Skrillex and the hit single “Bangarang”.


Track listing..
1. “Confident”
2. “Cool For The Summer”
3. “Old Ways”
4. “For You”
5. “Stone Cold”
6. “Kingdom Come” (featuring Iggy Azalea)
7. “Waitin For You” (featuring Sirah)
8. “Wildfire”
9. “Lionheart”
10. “Yes”
11. “Father”
12. “Stars”
13. “Mr. Hughes”
(Source for tracklist:

The coverart is very hot and edgy, I’m not a makeup expert but the Demi’s makeup in cover is dark and showing her confidence. She has her right hand pressed against her head and her left hand is positioned with the thumb hooked into the top of her briefs. SEXY!!
There are only 13 tracks in the album and there are no plans for deluxe edition. But we need more because we waited for more than two years for new music.
So what do you guys think about the album art and tracks? Are you excited about collaborations? What is the song you’re most excited about?

I Know

I know that you’re happy,
I know that’s a fake smile,
Smile just to show me you don’t care,
About me, about us, What we had once,
I know you’re not happy,
You told me it’s for my good,
To make me a man,
Someone you always wanted.

I know you still love me,
You can lie, don’t care about me,
But your eyes never lie,
I know you tried to keep me away,
Cause I always make troubles,
I know everything you’ve done,
Just to make me responsible,
It’s my breaking point,
All those moments we had,
Striking my heart like a bullet.

I know how you’re,
Since we fell apart,
Since you told me we’re not working out,
Since our heart split, Into two pieces,
One yours, one mine,
What Am I supposed to do,
With this half broken heart?
I want you, my other half,
Cause this love is worth it.

I know deserve a life I know you’re the reason,
My bones are weak now,
I can’t stand the joy,
I can’t stand the happiness,
You can fool your heart,
But mine is not listening to me,
Like a little kid graving for toy,
I’m craving for my life,
I don’t want anything, just you.

Cool For The summer (Review)

Pop diva Demi Lovato just released her highly anticipated Single “Cool For the Summer” from her fifth coming Album. The Single is much hyped since its announcement and it’s actually worth the excitement of her fans. The song is trending worldwide everyday in twitter since last five days and is still trending. This song is defiantly different from any song Lovato did before. Lovato did experiment with this new sound and all I can say is it’s really exciting and refreshing. Demi tried this mature sound before with her previous records like Neon lights and Who’s That Boy but Cool for the Summer is truly the next level. The song is really hot and has super upbeat rock music which is showcase by Demi’s vocals. No doubt the song is produced the music genius Max Martin and Savan Kotecha. The song is result of musical independence given by her new labels Island/republic records which was not given by her previous record label Hollywood records.

The song starts with slow piano music and underwhelming lyrics. The Pre-chorus “Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite, don’t tell your mother” shows Demi’s new style which is very bold and likable. The Electro-rock chorus takes the song to another level.  Verses are sluty and little horny followed by sexual chorus which is the highlight of the song. “Take me down into your paradise, Don’t be scared cause I’m your body type, Just something that we wanna try” are my favorite Lines from the song.

This song is the next level of Demi’s music carrier, showing the versatility of Demi’s to singing abilities. I think it’s a smart single choice for first single, because we already know lovato’s vocal abilities, this time we need a song which we can jam too and this song is such a Bop. Song is produced by hitmarker Max Martin which effectively combined Demi’s vocals, sexual lyrics and catchy music into a masterpiece.

Demi’s first single always creates buzz and this song is going to slay your summer thought it’s not as good as monster track Heart Attack but it’s a perfect summer anthem. There is no song like this jam out there right now, so it’s defiantly going to stay for a while at top. As a whole this song is refreshing, got a new sound plus blessed with Lovato’s vocals and Max Martin produced. Cool For the Summer is better than anything you’d expected from the song. If you’re have a summer party or you need a song to jam to this season this single is for you. Single is exciting, refreshing, sassy, bold, danceable and bless to your ears. I’m going end by saying I’m already liking Demi’s new sound and I can’t wait further for the full record. So go and download it, link below.

Singer: Demi Lovato
Title: Cool For the Summer
Genre: Electro-Pop, Pop-Rock, EDM
Writers: Demi Lovato, Max Martin, Ali Payami, Alexander Erik Kronlund and Savan Kotecha
Producers: Max Martin and Savan Kotecha
Label: Hollywood, Island and Republic
Release date: 1st July, 2015

Life Saver

If my life would’ve been perfect,
A happy shit,
This ciggerate wouldn’t have been in my hands,
But it is, like for years,
I don’t know,
Where my life is going right now?
This takes me higher,
Allows me to forget everything,
Forget that I’m a mess,
It gives me a satisfaction,
That im killing myself,
And one day I’ll quit it,
Not ciggerate but my life,
The sweetest poison I ever found,
But I’m no goner,
Or maybe I’m, yes I’m,
But I blame you,
Whenever I smoke, I think of you,
I’m not addicted to cigarettes,
I’m addicted to you,
Filter in my mouth,
I forget you, your memories,
So many sad stories about us,
Lost somewhere in smoke,
One fag, two fag,
Life is good,
My shirt, skin, hands smells ciggerate, I love it, that’s me,
I remember those people,
Who helped me to get cigarettes,
When I was 14,
They’re my life saviour,
Somehow I would’ve died right now,
Because I’m not good with pain,
This cloud of smoke,
This is my heaven,
Filled with bad memories,
I poisoned my soul,
Destroyed myself from inside,
Fag gives me wings to fly,
When I feel down, lost in myself,
The orange light glowing in my ash try,
Shows me the light, a hope,
All you ask is why I’m smoking?
Why don’t you notice my pain,
I’m not a good actor,
I’m alone, hurt, half dead,
But still I have my pride,
I thought you’d hold my hand,
Throw away that ciggerate,
I never believed in god,
I believed in you,
All waste, living my hard life,
I’m so done with good and happy things,
Now I’m afraid of hopes,
Where is my lighter?
I used to be a good boy,
Now I’m a devil, inside a teenager,
No more trying, just let it go,
Inhale, exhale,
Taking it slow, it’s so relaxing,
I’m waiting here, if you can find me,
Someone who can save me from myself.

Ignored Blood