Ignored Blood

You’re checking Facebook, you see a post, telling a little blurb about a small village in Mumbai, where 3 people are dead suddenly with a disease which was never seen before. You don’t think about it much. Next day you’re checking newspaper for some headlines, and you noticed it says, it’s not three villagers, it’s 3,000 villagers, who died overnight with some mysterious disease. You ignored it and start to work on your normal daily routine. Coming home from school/college you have food, then you go out with friends because it’s Saturday.

By Sunday morning when you get up, it’s the lead story on TV that it’s not only Mumbai, but the whole state is suffering and over 30,000 people are dead. They coined it now “Mysterious Dead”. You wake up from bed and now you’re having breakfast. Now your dad is watching news, again this “Mysterious Dead” story is on TV and then Prime Minister is making comments that he and everyone is praying and hoping that all will go well. The day passes and next day you read in newspaper that it’s not just India, it’s Pakistan, Afghanistan,  China, Iran… people are dying. It says,  some mysterious disease is spreading rapidly across the Asia which was never seen before and doctors from all over the world are trying to find the way to cure this disease.

Everyone was shocked when the government of Europe and America made an announcement that they’re closing their borders and cancelling all the flights from Asia. Now your mom and dad are worried including you.  And that’s why you’re watching local news channel before going to bed and your jaw hits your chest when newsreader says that now your city is also a victim of this mysterious disease and 177 people are already dead. You surprisingly Googled about this mysterious disease, and it’s now everywhere, Europe and America too.

You called your Best friend and you both have nothing to say. Your dad calls you in the hall to talk about this disease. He says that, we don’t know that we have this disease or not but his doctor friend told him that once you get it, it will take a week to show up symptoms that is, you’ll get flu and your skin starts to turn red, and if it happens you’ll die in next 3-4 days. Your mom hugged you tightly and everyone starts to cry.

Next day everything was close like its curfew, no buses, trains, even school and colleges are close. Roads are silent and calm. You ask your father to meet your friend he strictly denied. You put on your TV cause today Prime Minister is going to give a speech. He started with a deep sympathy for the victims, and told over 2.5 Million people are dead in the country. The whole world is suffering with this mysterious cause. After few words, he said something that enlightens your mind, he says doctors just found the cure of the disease, for that the blood of someone who is not infected is needed, so a vaccine can be made. He asks all the citizens who don’t have disease symptoms to donate their blood in the nearest hospital and check your blood for vaccine.

Your dad told you to get ready, cause you and your family is going to the hospital. You all makes your way to the hospital quickly, quietly and safely. When you and your family get down there, there is a long line and doctors and nurses are coming in and out and pricking fringes, taking blood and putting labels on it. You surprisingly see your friend and his family. You both hugged and thank god that you both are safe. Now doctors take the sample of both the families including you and your friend and told you to wait.  You, your family and friend are wondering what this happening to our world and is it the end of the world? After a while doctor came out and shocks you by saying that your friend’s blood is perfect for vaccine. He took him and his family in private, when he comes back he hugged you tightly and says good bye buddy. You asked what happened? He explains that doctor said he wants all his blood so that more people can get cured. You said he doesn’t have to do that, but he said it’s for the world, it’s not about me, I have to do it. You cried and he goes into the operation room. It was the last time when you’re seeing him. After few hours, vaccine was made and it saves you, your family and city.

It’s been 2 weeks, now everyone in your city is healthy and happy, your city have the ceremony to honor your friend and all the people whose blood helped to save all of us. You are expecting tons of people, but only 2,500 folks join the ceremony. Mostly people don’t even care to come, well come came with a pretentious smile and just pretend to care. Like they’re doing as this as a formality.

 Would you jump and say, “My best friend died, to save you people, don’t you care??” What are you feeling right now? I know how you might be feeling, maybe like the families of those 3 villagers who died at the start, and you don’t even bother to care?  Or maybe like the families of those 3,ooo villagers, who died and you still don’t care and when 30,000 people died?…

Actually I got this story while I was dreaming, only 40% was my dream, in end I save my city with my superpowers.. That’s useless, but I molded it into something that will make you think something.. Something deep.. we guys only care for the people we know, do we care about the strangers? NO.. so why would people also cares for you? I’m not saying much but you think about this 🙂


Indian Porns

Being a Porn-star is always my optional dream carrier and I’m sure, I may end up doing this thing in my life, but if I’m really going to work as a Porn-star, then its 110% sure that I’m not going to work in Indian porns. Actually, right now, India stands nowhere if we’re talking about porn things. We Indians always try to be like westerns, so why not in this field too? We’re 121 billion right now, and we’re still not able to satisfy world’s horny generation. I think we’re the only people in the world who Googles for Indian porns. This is really dope!

 World Wide Web, today its mostly about seeing nude people in your PC’s. Pornography is a huge entertainment business in todays Internet era. American porns! I mean, the real heavenly feeling (boy stuff) is watching their porn and why not! They actually do a lot of hard work , in making every single movie. Its not just a boy fucking a girl, its 3 billion dollars industry. Sometimes they make you realize its real.. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes watching a really nice HD movie feels like I am actually there… lol ,what I’m saying, true story! They actually have big movie banners who makes porn movies. They also have sets, sexy female stars, storyline, sometimes scripts, but it is useless. One of the most important thing for a Porn movie is the director, I mean these things are generally of one or few shorts, so an experienced director is really needed, so that he/she can capture the best. I really want to write name of some of my favorite female Porn-stars but I’m not going to.

Wait this blog is about Indian porns. Look, even I’m not interested in writing about this. Why don’t we people do something about this…?

You know guys, the main reason we don’t have any Indian pornographies? Because in India, watching or possessing pornographic materials is illegal, although the distribution of such materials is also illegal. Likewise, making or posting any x-rated stuffs is illegal. This is why we Indians don’t have much sex stuffs. For many reasons this is right, but this is also not right, for me, for we, Internet generation kids! I’d seen a porn first time when I was 12! It was an accident but I really liked it. I was very curious about these stuffs, I just wanted to know how these things works and I remember I had a chapter about reproduction in 6th class, that chapter was the one which I studied with full interest and concentration in my whole student life. And now 60% of my Internet bill is because of porns. I cannot tell you how many times I’d searched for Indian porn, all I got is really creepy results. The only Indian porn site in existence is SavitaBhabi.com, and its only because they post animated porns. Wtf? This is the standard of us? Really bad!

 Well, India is not a backward country, I mean India is home of the great “Kamasutra” and I think we all know how great book it is, people still use that book feel better sexual experience. Also, have you seen Khajrao temple? Its a world heritage site, I’d seen that place and it really showcases the other side of India. If all this things are made by our ancestors, then why it is not allowed in todays India? I know the women security is a big threat in India, but the people who are interested, let them make us happy. Everyone knows pornography have a big earning potential. Meanwhile, India needs other earning options because everyone is running for a job, for better earning.

India also have a porn industry, but its very small. Generally c, d, e grade movies are considered as porn in India. They’re actually movies, but they have more uncensored adult scenes. There is a small 200 seater movie theatre in my city which plays these movies, but I never been there!.

As talking about Indian porns they’re generally home made. I mean really, Mostly its because poor girls are forced to do these stuffs and sometimes couples record their video, but boys by fraud upload them! Its really bad, but eventually this is what we got! This is not a serious blog, so lets we’ll talk about this later. Continuing on Indian porns, it generally consist of a couple and a camera, it’s just a 2-3 mega pixels mobile camera which is mostly hidden or is in boys hand. They’re mostly MMS’s. This is the main reason why people of the other countries don’t look at us! I mean quality and dedication matters. 😛

 American girls they maintain themselves like they’re really stars. They do so much on themselves, that is why they look amazing. In India 35-40 year old aunties are having sex, this is disgusting. The main thing is quality and good girls and if we got it then see how far our Indian pornography will reach. Well I know there are some famous bhabhi’s all over India and yeah, actually they’re satisfactory.

One name came out as a movement in Indian pornography is “Sonny Leone” I must say, this woman really made benchmark to rest of the world. I had seen almost every movie she’d made and my favorite part of her porn is the seductive voices she makes when…. But! the fact is she is only 20% Indian, but still somehow she will be considered as an Indian.

 You know guys why I’m saying all this? The reason to write this blog is that I really want to see porns of we Indians, I’m tired of watching foreigners fucking each other.. I want we Indians to rule the world’s porn sites. At the end I’m going to marry an Indian girl, go on a honeymoon with her, even I’m going to have sex with an Indian girl… so why should I watch American porn? It will be good for practice.

Before I end this blog, I know somethings are really serious in our country, I really apologize if some stuffs makes you uncomfortable, I want to write something light, funny and useless. This topic is most appropriate I guess, but at the same time I really want good Indian PORNS…

Thank you for reading, I know this blog is useless but still I have my hopes!

A Few words From A Smoker

Yes I smoke, I smoke daily! I have breathing problem, my shirt smells cigarettes, i don’t have money, i have black lips and one day I might get cancer and die, but still I have a cigarette in my hand while writing this blog.. Why always this world looks at me like im doing something wrong? like they don’t want me near them, just wanted me dead.

I first time smoked when I was 16, I wanted to show my friends that im not a coward and cool like them..I smoked for the first time, I was not afraid of anyone that day, I was on the top of the world. At the last of schooling, I ended up in a group which was famous and known by all , I was so proud of myself. Everyone knows me, but actually they hate me, I just knew this from start. That stupidity surprisingly gave real friends, they’re always by my side.. we’re not afraid of anyone, we still smoke together..

Once I was sitting on the side of the road, with my friend and a cigarette was in my hand, a women passed by me with her cute little son, he looked at me and smiled.. his mom pushes him away from me and said “look at this loser, he got nothing”. It was hurting, like what I’d done? 
That thing went so deep inside my heart, I still remember that day.. but my friend, he stoped that lady and said “One day your son will end up doing the same thing”! I know that was rude and disrespectful but my friend knew what he was doing! for us it was right, i mean what we’ad did, what is the need to say that, i’ll never forgive that lady!. My friend tought me so much, he really didn’t care what people say to him, he just gave it back to them, he is alone, his mom-dad died in an accident. He is my best Friend, he gives me strength everyday. I really don’t know why I shared this story, but we do have a life, goals, friends, or say the true one..

People are always like.. Please don’t smoke! leave it its bad! You’re hopeless! You’ll die oneday! for him! For her! Leave smoking.. !! They always want me to stay away from cigarettes. Like they care, well some may do! But instead why don’t they ask.. Why you smoke? What’re your problems? You need help? As a matter of fact no one ever asked me or any of my friend this. 
Do they really care? Actually I really don’t need any of this, I got my life, my people who really care for me, even though they’re very few!

Once I loved a girl so badly, I thought she was the one, I loved to spending time with her, we had no secrets so I decided to tell her I smoke, I told her! The next day she blocked me everywhere, boycotted me in every way possible, she gets, without even understanding me, my things, she left me.. people really think that we need their love, company or other stuffs.. but FUCK that, I just want them away. I don’t want them dead. Just want away from me!

Good People! think we smokers live in the dark, we’re hopeless and boring, just waiting to die, but I want to tell them actually we have better life. We actually don’t wear fake disguise to show people how Perfect we are, like really!!

You know why im talking about all this? Im just a teenager, I have a really nice life, friends and family, I live in a healthy and happy society, a perfect environment! but my friends don’t, I see people mocking them, saying harsh things, like they’re animals!
I mean we know what we’re doing, what is good or bad we know, its our choice to do what we want. Don’t treat us like goner, what we’d done? Did we raped someone? Or robbed you? Or we’re just criminals? Terrorists? Ha?

Why you guys look at us like we’re killing someone, but actually.. you guys are killing us more then these cigarettes can!! Did you people even try to understand us? We just smoke! not a big deal, just open the windows of your heart for us :)) Its bad we admit, but we’re not pushing you guys to do the same. We just want love and respect!

My friends were reading this while I was writing, they just hugged me so tight because they had never seen me serious like this…


its my first blog, like literally! and and this picture is not mine 😛 its of  my friend !

Sundays are generally boring because you have to sit at the home for the whole day and do almost nothing 😦 but i think i kind of like Sundays because this is the only day when i can spend my time with my family! i love my parents they are just amazing but everyday i cant spend time so on sundays i can 🙂

my day starts really late like after 12 and then it takes me like another hour to get active because im another lazy kid.. as i wake up i need a tea, and i have to make it for myself because my mon will give me a tea if i wake up before 8.. lol which is impossible.. 😉 so after tea i read newspaper, or say just watch the pictures because i hate studying, everything!! that is just a normal routine i take a bath because its very important to bath daily! if your’re Indian, yes! DAILY!

generally on sunday evenings i go out, with friends or family to get fresh, but generally i wont go out 😛 because i watch the repeat episodes of my favorite shows back to back with cold coffee. Well. whole day i stuck in my phone doing watsapp, messenger, instagram etc, and because of all this my mom daily scolds me. that i don’t study and just waste my time. You know getting a good job is a big thing in India, i mean from 1st class people want u to study well so that you can get a good job.. but yeah i agree with this, we all need a good life! so love you mom ❤

i generally don’t do much on sundays, generally after 8.30 pm my sunday starts, i go to my friend’s house, do shit talks, do nonsense things, smoke ciggerates, and yeh have fun.. i get back home near 10 and have dinner with my family, after dinner we watch TV, and yehh sleep afterwards.. 🙂

this is how my sudays goes! but yeh now i started writhing blogs so i have another time pass.. 🙂

thanks for reading…

-Tj , another brown Boy

About Me

Im TJ, as i don’t want to share my name, an Indian guy who has alot of time to waste. but i started writing blogs as a time-pass. Im actually bad.. really really bad at grammar so please don’t mind if i say something wrong 🙂

Im kind of talkative but only with my friends, i also talk to myself alot thats why i think i can make blogs.. im todays generation internet kid.

im new here so kinda need help to understand sutffs here, i really like to make comments on stuffs not as a review but just in a few words. i listen too much but not of a specific genre. i love lady gaga, demi loavto, Jay-z, nicki Minaj, and alot more..

im a collage student, doing BE in electronics.. yeah its kind of hopeless so lets see what happens in future :/

so i wish you’ll read my blogs 😉

thank you 🙂