For you

Dear person reading this,
I don’t know you or whatever it is you’re going through right now, and you don’t know me, or maybe you do. But all i can say confidently is whatever disappointments you’re going through right now they’re going to get better. How you’re feeling right now will change, meaning if you’re feeling upset, depressed, confused, lonely or whatever you’re feeling right now it won’t last forever and you’ll get through it. You have a bright future ahead and many great chapters of your life still to come so don’t get stuck on this one chapter of your life now because there’s many great chapters in your future. Look at all the toughs time’s you’ve already gotten through! You’re tough and strong and you can continue to get through whatever hard times you’re facing right now. Nfuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth. Believe in yourself! Have faith in you abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
Ill finish by saying i care about you, you’re more than welcome to message me whenever you want, you’re more than welcome to ask for prayer and ill pray for you, yes i might not know you, but i know there’s hope for you’re life and that God loves you so much regardless if you believe in him or not, he’s there and he loves you. I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Much love from myself.

Best Friends

Dear friend, I know, He left you, wow, was it expected; Right? I guess yes. From the beginning, we both knew it, you, me and I guess him too. But I’m not complaining because I was never your choice. Your words, He is perfect, a gentleman, kind hearted, oh my lord I want him… well, It didn’t turn out well. Should I feel sorry? This is what I’m thinking from the past few weeks. You didn’t even bother to tell me, still I’m waiting. Oh, I forgot, we’re best friends. You ok buddy? Tell me what to do without you.

I don’t know what I’d done, why you cut me off, maybe it’s my mistake. You stop talking to me, ignoring me like I never existed. I called a friend, she told me “HE” told you not to, but I guess this chapter is finished, he ditched you. Why are you still not talking? If you’re guilty, then it’s ok, I’m totally fine. But talk to me na. In the past few weeks, I thought a lot about what to do, you changed your number, I’m worried or I was. You know what you broke my heart also my patience. I’m… let it be, I guess you’re never going to read this. I quit blogging, but still I’m writing, you never know. I guess you’re hurt, do you want me to care? Oh please don’t because you never will, I know, now I’m not your buddy, not anymore.

Do you remember the nights we used to laugh, smiling for hours, at any useless things. Do you remember the days when we’re crazy? Remember the nights we made away dreaming, hoping of being each other, but better. We were too young then we were too crazy, and love? Lol there was never any space for this. I was always second for you, but you’re always first for me, but now I guess I wasn’t even third. See I’m too scared to tell you the truth cause my heart can’t take it anymore, I loved you. Yes, you were my favorite thing. But now I don’t care, you are out of my life, it was hard, but now I really don’t care. You just threw me out, like a piece of shit, it hurts, but not anymore. We used to have no secret. And even today I’m not going to keep it. I loved you, and I also know you never loved me, you loved your gentleman, it’s ok because this is my last thing I’m sharing with you, I hope you read this. I was giving us, so much that I couldn’t see. I was honest, hahahaa, never mind.

Buddy, I’m missing your eyes, your eyes, when I see you’re lying or telling me the truth. I’m missing our years of friendship. I remember you told me not to smoke, I literally quit it, I was waiting for your appreciation, I’m still, but this day never comes. Guess what I’m totally ok now, cause now I don’t believe in anyone, who tells me to stop smoking. Guess what, you can never take back what you never had. I was always there for you, but now you’re not, when I need your silly jokes, your smile, useless stuff, yeah, you are not here with me, here when I need you.

At last I just want to tell you, the words I’ve said above, it wasn’t me, I’m still waiting for you, waiting that you’ll tell me what he did to you, my shoulders are always ready, waiting for the warmth of your tears. No matter what you did to me, I will always make you smile, always, even though you don’t want to. Because this is what best friends do… and all those people who are reading this and trying to figure out what is happening just don’t think much, it’s for me and my buddy. She was always right, and I was always wrong. So come back. I’m waiting to hug you! Come back. NO I’M NOT! Don’t come back please!

Surprised? Trust me, i’m so done with our friendship, i’d give you a million chances, now i’m exhausted and saturated. Have your boyfriend, have your secrets, your things, cause now I moved on. I was confused, but now I’d decided what I want. You were always wrong; you lost a good friend today. I really hope you’ll read this, and think what you have done in the past few weeks. Goodbye have a happy life.