Story of A Girl

Today I want to share a story. A story of a girl. A girl who has been through a lot, who had a breakdown but in the end she comes out stronger than ever. Before you do anything I want you guys to read this, if you want to know why I’m mad about  ‘Demi Lovato’. My general blogging style is first I tell you a story then I share my thoughts on reference of that story. So today I’m going to do the same. I really want you people to read it. This is the story of my girl ‘Demi’. From the start she wanted  to change the world with her voice, strength and talent, without changing herself. She never let herself down or anyone around her. She was slaying everyone outside but was fighting a war inside. She climbed the new heights on her own. Showing the world that she is not going to stop anyway. Sharing her story and inspiring others. She re-lived the moments that broke her down and came out as one of the most sensational pop stars in the industry. Where most people made a name out of their controversy, Demi made it by her journey. This is her story.

Demi was born on August 20, 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but she was raised in Dallas, Texas with her mom ‘Dianna Lovato’, her Dad ‘Patrick Lovato’, her elder sis ‘Dallas Lovato’ and her younger half-sister Madison De La Garza. When she was two, her mom and her dad decided to separate and had divorced. This divorce, somehow, had an impact on her and was seen after a few years. From the start she had huge interest in beauty pageants. She won the title of ‘Miss Texas’ and she also appeared on ‘America’s Next Top Model’. At the age of seven, she started playing piano. Demi was desperate to make her name as a young superstar. Even in the age of around 5 she was a mature soul. She didn’t like to play with dolls and toys. All she was interested in what adults are talking. But there was also something going inside her. Demi was very sensitive at that age. Around when she was four, she got bullied a lot at school. A lot of her senior girls bullied her by calling her mean names. They followed her every day and bullied her by saying mean things. When things crossed the line, she called her mom and told her that she would never study in public schools. She got homeschooled. While trying to get a big break, the words from her bullies always let her think that she is fat. She didn’t have much friends at school, but one boy, ‘ Trenton , from her school was really close to her. He was going through the same stuff that Demi was going through. But at the age of seven he decided to end his life after getting exhausted from bullying. He killed himself. The suicide of young friend had a deep impact on Demi and she started to cut herself. Once she said in an interview, she cut her wrists to put all her guilt and shame out on herself. If you search the fetus pictures of Demi you will find there are bruises of cutting on her wrists. She was so depressed. She looked into the mirror and never felt good enough. By looking into the mirror, running her fingers over her stomach and feeling fat, she harmed herself because of depression and guilt. She started to lose weight. She thought that even a glass of orange juice would make her fat. She stopped eating and started puking 3-4 times a day. She got very skinny and put a fake smile on her face to show the world that she was happy but inside the darkness was her secret. She was living with all this pain and guilt emotionally.

On further auditioning for different shows, she finally got a role in Disney’s original movie ‘Camp Rock’ in the year 2007. The movie was a huge success and was the third all time most viewed Disney movie. She was enjoying the fame from the movie. She also got the leading role on the hit Disney comedy show “Sonny with a chance”. The Show was a massive hit and is one of the highest rated Disney shows. From the movie she got to know Jonas Brothers closely and in 2008 she released her debut album ‘Don’t Forget’ with the help of Jo Bros. The album was a hit and it gave her a big debut on the music industry. Time passed and she released her second album ‘Here we Go Again’ (One of my favorite albums). The album went straight #1 on the charts and became a critically acclaimed album. With her TV show, Movies, album and tours her fanbase was increasing drastically. When her life was in the limelight she didn’t want to share her secrets. She started consuming drugs and alcohol to divert her mind from her problems. The self medicating helped her to concentrate on her work and keep on smiling for the cameras. Drugs weren’t helping her much but only making her mind heavy and sick. The things were going on but she was dealing with depression.

Things changed  in 2010, while performing a sold out show in South America the things that are inside her. She was hiding  the cutting, mental depression and no eating from the world. She basically, didn’t eat anything whole day and then performed for two hours without eating anything. She was living a lie. All this summed up and she had a nervous breakdown. She punched one of her background dancers backstage. The things had crossed the lines now. Her family sat down and told her she needed  help. From October 2010 to January 2011 she underwent treatment for anorexia, bulimia, self harm, drug addiction & bipolar disorder. She went to rehab for three months. After getting her treatment done, she gained weight and she was in every tablet and the world wanted to know why she went to rehab because she was just 18. She answered every question very calmly and sophisticatedly.

She told everyone her story, what she was going through, why she was cutting and everything. After treatment she tattooed ‘STAY STRONG’ on both her wrists. She told everyone she was happy that she gained weight and she is curvy. She insisted everyone who is going through mental disorder to get a treatment and showed everyone that a better life is possible. In June 2011, she released her life changing mega hit “Skyscraper”. The song encouraged thousands of people. Today Demi is a role model for millions of people and so to all the people who got bullied. According to a report song Skyscraper decreased suicide rate in the USA. Afterwards, She released her third album ’Unbroken’ which was also went #1 in iTunes. Her inspiring journey helped millions and she won People’s Choice Award for ‘Best Pop Artist’ in 2012 against Pop megastars Adele, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Pink.

In 2012 she was invited to judge one of the biggest reality singing show ‘The X factor’. She is the youngest person in the history to judge any singing show. She was the people’s favorite in the show and because of her demand and popularity she was invited for another season in 2013. She also reached a milestone in 2012 when she got her hand cemented on “Hollywood walk of Frame”. She is the only artist of her generation to do that. Later she released a book in 2013 named “Staying Strong: 365 Days A Year” which is now NYTs Best Selling book. Her success is not going to stop cause she is one the most honest celebs out there and she is living sober today and inspiring a generation of people.

In 2013 she released her fourth album Demi which went #1 in 50 Countries. She won a special award from government of America (APEDA) for promoting Mental Disorders and inspiring people to get treatment. In May 2014, Lovato was named the LA Pride Parade Grand Marshal of LGBT Community and the lead performer for NYC and LA Pride Week for her contribution to the LGBT community. Demi had no interest in forging a relationship with her late father, Patrick, after his divorce from her mother. Patrick died of cancer on June 22, 2013, at age 53. After his death Demi said that he had been mentally ill, and in his honor she created the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program to help the people who can’t afford treatment fairs for mental illness. Today she is one of the most famous names in the music industry and she is currently on her world tour.

I don’t know if this story helped you to know Demi’s past because there is a lot more to write, but I’m not good at putting my thoughts into words. I’m her fan since I saw her TV show on Disney channel for the first time and she kind of hit my brain really hard. Since then I love her music, story, strength, style, everything. I also don’t know if my words are able to tell you the love and affection I have for Demi. You know she is not like normal stars. She is different. Mostly when celebs go in rehab, all they worry about is what their career is going to be after this, but not Demi. She is honest, so is her music. She spoke about everything so openly. She did something nobody would do. She proved recovery is possible.  Demi has been through more than a life time worth moments and still she is strong. That’s why I love her.

I admire her so much. You know an artist’s music is way meaningful when she has gone through a lot, than the artist who makes trending music. Demi’s music gives a meaning. It proves that if an artist got an amazing voice, talent or just honesty, you don’t need to put the sexual scenes on your record. Her simplicity, elegance, honesty and grace makes way better music than trending ones. She is one of the few artists who write their own songs because their songs mean a lot to them. Demi’s songs come from her own thoughts, feelings, experiences. I love Demi and will continue to for the rest of her career and beyond. Everything she does is amazing and I’m proud to be a Lovatic.


Fake Is Good

It’s good to be fake! I know most of the people would find it inappropriate. Infact, everybody would, but sometimes it’s good to be who you are not. It may help others, mysteriously. What does fake actually mean? Well, it is something that is not genuine; a forgery or sham or counterfeit. Yes! I think all of us live a life which is not known to anyone but ourselves. Besides that, the life which we normally live while we’re with other people. I guarantee everyone has secrets and nobody knows it, I mean that’s why it is a secret, but yeah sometimes it needs to be a secret.
We’re living in a world where everyone is living, half for themselves and half according to what this world wants. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s good. I mean this blog is about why it is good.

Let me start. It’s good to be fake when you hate or don’t like someone, but you’re his/her friend. Talk to them daily, laugh with them (well, sometimes). You hate that person, maybe he/she doesn’t. You talk to them casually or you need something from that person. So basically you’re being fake with that individual. Maybe your ‘being fake’ with him/her can help that person to get through his/her bad times of life. Maybe she is alone, but if you talk to her casually, it may help her to sleep every night. Show her light in a right direction.  It’s good.
When you’re upset because of something, you don’t want to do something and just want to be alone. Your friend calls you to go out. You say yes. Maybe your YES helps that person not to be in the dark. Maybe he is going through the same stuff. He wanted someone beside him/her so he chose you. You’re also upset, but your fake smile can show him a positive light. Your company can help that person to feel good rather than feeling like hell. So it’s good.

Plastic girls, maybe they are the real examples of fake, but their beauty, charm, attractive face and lot more help boys in many ways… I’m not going to tell those things here but they actually make us happy. So it’s good.

When people show us things, basically showing off,or maybe  you want something but the other person gets it before you, another fake scenario comes out. ‘Oh, I love this.. It’s amazing’. A fake compliment! Even though that thing is not amazing and those words don’t come  from your heart, it really means something to them. You never know, he/she might have faced a lot of difficulties to bring that stuff.  Your mom  makes food, it turns out excessively salty or tasteless,  she asks you  to comment on her food  & you always say, It’s delicious…! You know she was in the kitchen since evening. Your fake comment actually releases all her stress and tiredness. So it’s good.

The things that are inside you, they’re always going to be. We represent a fake personality to the outside world. Hmm, I’m not saying that we are totally fake but even if it’s like a grain in a bowl. Admit it, we all have a fake side. But sometimes it’s good to keep it inside and then letting it out to the world. People will criticize you, they will make fun of it without understanding it. Then in the end, the only one affected is you & nobody else. So, it’s good to keep it inside. I’m not saying live the rest of your life like that, but wait until you’re fully ready to show it without getting affected by people’s opinions.  So it’s good.

I don’t know that I made my point clear, but here is what common people think about FAKE people… Smile all the time, Give backhanded compliments, Are extremely passive-aggressive, Talk behind everyone’s back, Make you feel like crap… blah blah blah! My definition of fake is different.

Real Nightmare

It’s 7 in the morning, you’re in your bed, then suddenly sleeping on your bed, you hear very loud and irritating sound, like there are so many people around you. The sound of people, what they’re talking, noise of buses, autos, crowd, like you’re standing in the middle of the road. But your eyes are still close and you’re trying to ignore this unwanted sound. Suddenly you don’t feel as comfortable in your bed as you normally do. It’s no more warm and spongy. The bed is feeling like so rough and hard, like the floor of your home. You’re feeling uncomfortable. Now, there is one more weird thing happening. You’re feeling cold, like you’re naked on a cold winter night, you start shivering. Like you don’t have your blanket that you always use to warm yourself through the tough winter nights. There is a thin shawl on your body, that is doing nothing to keep you warm. You’re totally in shock and shivering like hell.

Now you wake up, cause you can’t sleep anymore. You’re totally in shock looking around. You’re on a footpath of a very busy road, like feeling weird and embarrassed at the same time. You notice, there is a woman who is cleaning the road near you with a broom. You’re inhaling the dust. You see near your feet there is ashes of woods, like you burnt them last night to keep you warm, but it didn’t help much. Everyone is looking at you, making talks about you that you’re so poor and alone, but you are not right.

Now you put your hand in your pocket. And you find that you got no money. Empty pocket. You look around and see a tea stall, you think a cup of tea will help you a lot to tolerate this freezing cold morning. You’re thinking that, you’ll go to that man, the owner of the stall, ask him for a cup of tea, and promise to return the price of a cup of tea as soon as possible and he will give you easily. Now you’re in front of the owner, without even saying anything, he says, he wouldn’t give you anything. You’re shocked cause you didn’t even ask for it. You ask why? He replied, I knew you beggars very well! But you’re not a beggar right? And that’s what you tell him, his reply is still same.

You’re shivering so hard that you tell him you’ll wash his utensils and he has to give you a cup of tea and some biscuits. Now you’re washing utensils, with the freezing cold water, and thinking what happens to you? Why your life is so hard, where are your family and friends. You have to wash them for a cup of tea, you have actually never done this before. You never want to do this again. You’re so alone and crying that this has to end.

Unfortunately, you woke up and give a sigh of relief. It was just a bad dream. A bad dream. You’re still on your cozy bed, with a warm blanket and no unwanted people looking at you. You thank God that this was a nightmare not reality. And here you have a cup of hot tea…

Have you ever thought that life that you’re afraid of living, there are thousands of people around you, who actually live that hard life, no food, no bed, no blanket just living their life in such hard conditions. Have you ever paid attention to them? I don’t know, I just wanted to write this so badly. A little boy comes to you and asks for some money, you just boycott him, I know you have seen ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and those gang and planing thing is in your mind. But what if that boy really needs money? For a cup of tea? I don’t think so. Your 5-10 rupees are worth more than the need of a little boy, or maybe he is a part of a gang, so what? At least that gang is giving them something, even though it’s nothing, but what are you doing?

You don’t want to study, hate books but what about that boy? Maybe he needs them, it’s not alright, he has a loyal right for education and all the facilities and luxury that you are enjoying. Just because he doesn’t have family or he is alone, it doesn’t give you right to make fun of him.

We totally forget the value of life we’re living, you ever asked your parents what was their condition when they were of your age? I know how hard times my parent had seen. I don’t want to give you lecture, maybe you don’t want to give 5-10 rupees to a needy person, but at least respect that how your parents have managed to give you all the facilities. Or maybe just realize the value of your luxury.

I always give 5-10 rupees to a needy person, or rather than money, I buy them food, or needy things, even thought they comes back to me for more and my friends laugh at me, but the smile they give to me, it can change the world. Help needy, you don’t want to give money, it’s ok, give them a cup of tea. It feels great…