“Hate” it’s a strong word. Everyone knows the meaning of it. We sometimes use this word to describe our thoughts or feelings towards someone. There is a difference between hating someone and not liking them. Mostly we don’t like the person and we consider we hate them. I know, I don’t like many people but I don’t hate anyone. Seriously, more specifically, there are things that I don’t like about someone not the whole person. My point is we easily start to dislike people and call it hating the whole person. There is a thing which is that person that you don’t like and it makes you hate that person? Maybe except that thing the person is amazing. You just don’t like him/her just because of one thing but you’re ignoring every good thing that he/she has. I just want you to take time and think about the good qualities of the person you don’t like. Maybe that person doesn’t need your hate and he/she is amazing as you. Just give a moment to think. Don’t hate anyone. This world is already suffering alot and maybe your love can change things around you. Just don’t hate someone based on his one two things.


Be You

You know often times life isn’t perfect. Things will come on your way. They may be bad or good. Bad things happen to good people. You make mistakes, you learn from them. From last few days, I’ve learned that the thing that is standing between you and your happiness is yourself. You see, you can’t control people around you and also you can’t control what life puts in front of you. The only thing that you can control is yourself. So surround yourself with positive people. The people that you love. People that make you happy or the people who can make you a better person, by just being around.  

Be comfortable in your own skin. Be proud of yourself. Don’t forget to laugh sometimes at yourself cause nobody is perfect. Try to be the best version of yourself. It’s easy. Take risks, do what makes you happy. Be you even if you’re a freak, odd or weird because you like things that people around you don’t like. When you started to listen what society says. Do what you want and don’t let anyone around you make you feel like the things that you are interested in or you like are not good enough.

I want to tell you something,  I always wanted to write blogs but I was never comfortable about showing my work to others. I took risk and wrote my first blog, people laughed at me because it was new for them and so do because of my grammatical mistakes. But if I never took that risk, you were never reading this. Today my blog had seen by 4000+ people and I will continue writing. I believe in myself so do you have to. Everyone who is reading this, all I want to say is do want you to. People let us down for a few reasons. They’re insecure about themselves so they try to put you down. Or maybe they don’t understand what you do, so people make fun of things what they don’t understand. Or they’re just dumb.

Do what makes you happy. If you ever felt like giving up on your dreams or your goals, just remember that it’s not always about reaching goals, but it’s about enjoying the experience and what you had learned from that. Do what you like, never be ashamed of yourself and never think that it makes you less than anyone else. Be you cause you only got one life on this earth. So be who you are, explore the things you’re into and explore yourself too. Make everyone around you happy and encourage them to do what they want.

If you think no one supports you, just remember I do. Maybe I sound cheesy right now and you think I’m a sentimental jerk. You’re probably right. But I do mean it when I say ‘I support you’. I also want you to encourage you to go out there and live your life, cause life is so short. Enjoy your life and make mistakes.

If you know someone who needs help, just let them read this. Or just go to them by yourself. It only need a person. So help others too. It feels good.