It’s 6 AM in the morning. Raj just heard the alarm clock, he wants to sleep but today is a big day for his wife at office. She is going out of the city for a big office deal for 3 days. He has  to make breakfast for her. He goes off the bed, puts up his panty and rushes towards the bathroom. He opens the shower and removes his bra and panty to take a bath. He cleans himself properly including his vaginal part because he had sex last night. After his bath, he is looking at his wardrobe thinking what he should wear. He picks up a pink frock with red polkadots. It’s his favorite colour and his wife gave him this dress last year on their 5 year anniversary. Her wife is a working woman and works at an advertising company in the city. She is very supportive towards Raj and is very open minded. She is a responsible woman, very dominant and bossy but she loves Raj alot.  On the other side Raj is very sweet and calm by nature. He takes care of home. He makes food, cleans the house, clothes, takes grocery and all household stuff. He is a good husband and very innocent. They both shifted Delhi last year because of Ria’s job. Well Ria is Raj’s wife name. They bought an apartment the day Ria got her transfer letter. They’re very happy together.

It’s 8am, Raj cooked breakfast and he is arranging the food on the dinner table and getting ready to drop her wife station. In meantime Ria is getting ready and buttoning up the buttons of her shirt that  Raj picked up for her while she was taking bath.

Now Ria is ready and packing up her bag. Raj calls her to take breakfast. After few minutes they both had breakfast and now they’re ready to go to the station. Raj is pretty upset because he is going to miss her and will not see her face for 3 days. Ria notices this sadness on Raj’s face and she calls him to sit next to her on sofa. Ria kisses him and makes Raj agree for a quick sex. Raj feels really good and excited about what’s going to happen because he knows that he is not going to get touched by his partner for the next 3 days.

Ria pulls down her zipper and picks out her dick. It’s already hard, also Raj is so ready for it he removes his frock and pulls down his panty. Raj and Ria had quick sex. Now they both are happy and satisfied. They both arrange their face, hair and dress to get ready for the station. Raj is reversing the car whereas Ria is locking the main door. Now Raj drives to the station real fast so that Ria doesn’t miss her train. They reach the station in right time. Ria gives Raj a tight hug and thanks him for taking care of her. Ria now moves towards her train.

Raj is home now. He cleans the table, home and dishes. He decides to sleep for a while because he is very tired after doing household things. It’s 6pm now, Raj is alone and missing her wife. He walks towards the kitchen to make tea for himself. After a few moments, Raj gets a call from his friend Deep to invite him at his bachelor party. Raj gets ready for the party because he got nothing else to do now.

It’s 9pm. Raj is ready in his tight black skirt and high heels. He takes his car keys and drives to the party venue. Now he can hear loud party music. He parks his car and gets into the party. He hugs all his friends, gets drunk and dances like hell. It’s party time all the men and women are enjoying the last day of Deep as a bachelor. Raj forgets all his sorrows and is enjoying the night with his friends. All men are looking gorgeous with their make up while girls are busy dancing. Raj is drunk like hell.

It’s 2am, party just ended. Raj says goodnight to all his buddies and gets into his car. He is driving towards his apartment and soon he realises car’s tire is flat. He gets out of the car on that very calm road. Now he can’t do anything cause he doesn’t have extra tier. He calls a few friends but its of no use because everybody is drunk. He doesn’t know what to do. He looks around the road and no one is there. He is worried but scared too because he the only man alone on the road, he feels uncomfortable and gets scared because any woman can take the advantage of an alone man. It’s a woman world men get raped here and women are the rulers of this world. He doesn’t know what to do.

Raj ,  standing helpless on the side road with his flat car tire. Suddenly he sees a car coming towards him. He’s shocked when he sees 4 women in the car. He is really worried now cause they can rape him. This was the first thought that came into his mind. He helplessly asks girls if they can help him. One woman comes out of the car and starts checking out Raj. She starts touching him and Raj starts to shake like something wrong is about to happen. In calm voice he asks her “can you help me? My tire is puncher. ” She replies “Why so hurry? “. Raj gets more scared. He just wants to run out of that place but he can’t cause those women can catch him easily. He replied “Please leave me! Don’t do anything with me” But the intentions of those women  ain’t good.

Now all the three women get out of the car. Raj is shivering like hell. He thinks there is no way to go and these women will definitely rape him. But suddenly all four women start laughing and they tell him that they’re just playing with him. They won’t rape him. So don’t worry they will help him for sure. In the end Raj takes a deep breath and starts laughing with the other four women.

My point is, if there will be a parallel universe in which men have vagina and women dick. There will be no rapes or maybe less as compared to today’s world. So why in this world young girls, women get raped? I badly wanted to write this and I don’t have any intentions to hurt your feelings. Do you find any difference between the world in this story and the world you’re living in ? Ofcourse , you do. It’s a parallel world. A world , where women dominate over men whereas we , we live in a male dominating world. The story shows a world where the wife is working whereas the husband manages the household chores. A world in which women are respected more. More ? More than men. Anyway , let’s get to the point. Basically , the story shows that if we lived in a parallel universe , there would’ve been very little chances of rapes. Why can’t we just change our mentality and treat every women equally.