I Know

I know that you’re happy,
I know that’s a fake smile,
Smile just to show me you don’t care,
About me, about us, What we had once,
I know you’re not happy,
You told me it’s for my good,
To make me a man,
Someone you always wanted.

I know you still love me,
You can lie, don’t care about me,
But your eyes never lie,
I know you tried to keep me away,
Cause I always make troubles,
I know everything you’ve done,
Just to make me responsible,
It’s my breaking point,
All those moments we had,
Striking my heart like a bullet.

I know how you’re,
Since we fell apart,
Since you told me we’re not working out,
Since our heart split, Into two pieces,
One yours, one mine,
What Am I supposed to do,
With this half broken heart?
I want you, my other half,
Cause this love is worth it.

I know deserve a life I know you’re the reason,
My bones are weak now,
I can’t stand the joy,
I can’t stand the happiness,
You can fool your heart,
But mine is not listening to me,
Like a little kid graving for toy,
I’m craving for my life,
I don’t want anything, just you.


Cool For The summer (Review)

Pop diva Demi Lovato just released her highly anticipated Single “Cool For the Summer” from her fifth coming Album. The Single is much hyped since its announcement and it’s actually worth the excitement of her fans. The song is trending worldwide everyday in twitter since last five days and is still trending. This song is defiantly different from any song Lovato did before. Lovato did experiment with this new sound and all I can say is it’s really exciting and refreshing. Demi tried this mature sound before with her previous records like Neon lights and Who’s That Boy but Cool for the Summer is truly the next level. The song is really hot and has super upbeat rock music which is showcase by Demi’s vocals. No doubt the song is produced the music genius Max Martin and Savan Kotecha. The song is result of musical independence given by her new labels Island/republic records which was not given by her previous record label Hollywood records.

The song starts with slow piano music and underwhelming lyrics. The Pre-chorus “Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite, don’t tell your mother” shows Demi’s new style which is very bold and likable. The Electro-rock chorus takes the song to another level.  Verses are sluty and little horny followed by sexual chorus which is the highlight of the song. “Take me down into your paradise, Don’t be scared cause I’m your body type, Just something that we wanna try” are my favorite Lines from the song.

This song is the next level of Demi’s music carrier, showing the versatility of Demi’s to singing abilities. I think it’s a smart single choice for first single, because we already know lovato’s vocal abilities, this time we need a song which we can jam too and this song is such a Bop. Song is produced by hitmarker Max Martin which effectively combined Demi’s vocals, sexual lyrics and catchy music into a masterpiece.

Demi’s first single always creates buzz and this song is going to slay your summer thought it’s not as good as monster track Heart Attack but it’s a perfect summer anthem. There is no song like this jam out there right now, so it’s defiantly going to stay for a while at top. As a whole this song is refreshing, got a new sound plus blessed with Lovato’s vocals and Max Martin produced. Cool For the Summer is better than anything you’d expected from the song. If you’re have a summer party or you need a song to jam to this season this single is for you. Single is exciting, refreshing, sassy, bold, danceable and bless to your ears. I’m going end by saying I’m already liking Demi’s new sound and I can’t wait further for the full record. So go and download it, link below.

Singer: Demi Lovato
Title: Cool For the Summer
Genre: Electro-Pop, Pop-Rock, EDM
Writers: Demi Lovato, Max Martin, Ali Payami, Alexander Erik Kronlund and Savan Kotecha
Producers: Max Martin and Savan Kotecha
Label: Hollywood, Island and Republic
Release date: 1st July, 2015