Pop superstar Demi Lovato just revealed the title, cover art and track listing of her Fifth coming album via Twitter which is scheduled to release this October. Demi is killing the game since summer by releasing the epic summer anthem Cool for the Summer which is currently charting at #16 in Hot 100. Lovato was also announced as 2015 Video Music Award performer, premiering this Sunday. Demi took twitter this morning to announce the title of her highly anticipated LP, “CONFIDENT”. Yes! This is the title of her new record. She also Instagram the Picture of cover art captaining “You ready for this? 😏 NEW ALBUM OCTOBER 2015 #Confident”.  Lovato is advocate of positive body image and since the start of this era she is confident in showing her skin without worrying about haters and she also covered the  September issue Cosmopolitan Magazine. Which somehow maybe the reason behind this title? The record is scheduled to release in October, 2015. A release date is yet to be announced.

Demi announced the title in very creative way. Some of her closest friends in the industry revealed the tracklist throughout the night by mentioning the track number and it’s title. Wilmer Valderrama, Jennifer Lopez,  Iggy Azalea, Nick Jonas, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Bea Miller, Hailee Steinfeld, Perez Hilton, Christina Perri and Adam Lambert announced the tracklist.
The Track Listing of the record is below with two major collaborations. Hot 100 #1 rapper Iggy Azalea and rising rapper/pop artist Sirah, who is well known for her collaborations with Skrillex and the hit single “Bangarang”.


Track listing..
1. “Confident”
2. “Cool For The Summer”
3. “Old Ways”
4. “For You”
5. “Stone Cold”
6. “Kingdom Come” (featuring Iggy Azalea)
7. “Waitin For You” (featuring Sirah)
8. “Wildfire”
9. “Lionheart”
10. “Yes”
11. “Father”
12. “Stars”
13. “Mr. Hughes”
(Source for tracklist: http://demilovato.com/)

The coverart is very hot and edgy, I’m not a makeup expert but the Demi’s makeup in cover is dark and showing her confidence. She has her right hand pressed against her head and her left hand is positioned with the thumb hooked into the top of her briefs. SEXY!!
There are only 13 tracks in the album and there are no plans for deluxe edition. But we need more because we waited for more than two years for new music.
So what do you guys think about the album art and tracks? Are you excited about collaborations? What is the song you’re most excited about?


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