Body Prison

Part I
Surrounded by walls
Locked in with no hopes to escape
Ridiculed and damaged beyond repair
Everything seems so black, so pure
Like a beautiful dream about death
Taking white lines in one breath
Smiling like a carefree little bastard
Singing something so soft, soaked in pain
Oh lord set me free, I’m not a freak
I laugh it off, you laugh it off
Don’t leave when you hold my hand
A deadly storm is brewing
With an empty feeling coming from within
Have to free my black tar soul
Something like self hate, seals my fate
It’s done being haunted and fed
I have to leave now, will you miss me?
If I turned around and walked away
Would you notice I’m gone?

Part II
Wanted to be seen, to be loved
Fine glint of blade enters my veins
Hard claret stream falls to the floor
I feel numb, my mind is crawling
I only knew one path, I’m on it’s way
Are you out there? Can you see me?
I poured gasoline over myself and lit it up
Lying on the floor in light of my burning body
So bright, it turned everything black
Flames spark inside and heat up the fear
Every guilt, shame, pain and regret is releasing,
The blue sky turned into dark gray
As my soul is cleansing
My skin soaking the heat, turning dark
Blurred visions never seemed too clear
I freed myself, from this body prison
My legs feel so weak, i tired to stand
To stand through all my troubles
Just to spread my wings and fly
My body is dying, my soul is burning
And I’m feeling alive..