I Know

I know that you’re happy,
I know that’s a fake smile,
Smile just to show me you don’t care,
About me, about us, What we had once,
I know you’re not happy,
You told me it’s for my good,
To make me a man,
Someone you always wanted.

I know you still love me,
You can lie, don’t care about me,
But your eyes never lie,
I know you tried to keep me away,
Cause I always make troubles,
I know everything you’ve done,
Just to make me responsible,
It’s my breaking point,
All those moments we had,
Striking my heart like a bullet.

I know how you’re,
Since we fell apart,
Since you told me we’re not working out,
Since our heart split, Into two pieces,
One yours, one mine,
What Am IĀ supposed to do,
With this half broken heart?
I want you, my other half,
Cause this love is worth it.

I know deserve a life I know you’re the reason,
My bones are weak now,
I can’t stand the joy,
I can’t stand the happiness,
You can fool your heart,
But mine is not listening to me,
Like a little kid graving for toy,
I’m craving for my life,
I don’t want anything, just you.



It’s 3AM,
Trying to sleep,
But I can’t,
Pillow, wet from my tears,
Heavy thoughts,
Running inside my head,
Wondering what to do?
With this Hopeless life,
I got everything,
But still I have nothing.

Nobody to call,
Nobody to talk,
Nobody to miss,
All this loneliness,
It hurts,
I’m just a man,
With emotions,
I just need love.

You, everyone,
Ignoring me,
It’s clear to see,
When this night will pass,
I don’t like this darkness,
But it’s all I got,
Sleeping with lights on,
Atleast for no dark.

This bed is for two,
It never had this empty side,
This side reminds me of you,
You were the drug,
That got me through everything,
I hope you’re missing me too,
I hope something reminds you of me.

I can hear dog’s bark,
This calmness,
My red eyes, tears,
This happens Everynight,
To the people with no goals,
I’m losing myself,
Talking to myself,
Waiting my life,
Alone in this bed.

Fan, on the sealing,
Flying the smoke away,
This ciggerate is about to end,
Time is moving slowly,
I have no pain,
Just filled with so many emotions,
Why I’m so emotional.

Laying down on my bed,
Thinking what I did today,
What to do tomorrow,
I don’t have to cry,
I have to be happy,
Time will get better,
Someday I will not sleep alone.

Ignored Blood..
A poetry collection, on WATTPAD.



Eyes, can’t see anything,
Ears, no voice to hear,
Hands, always shivering,
Heart, just a stone,
Lips, scared of words,
Viens, black blood,
Leg, always running,
Lungs, filled with smoke,
Wrist, marks of cutting,
Fingers, pointing towards me,
Skin, no feeling,
Face, a devil’s shade,
Chest, 1 2 3, count my ribs,
Brain, out of thoughts,
My body, a stuffed toy,
No feelings, emotions, just empty.

Life, like an autumn tree,
No leaves, no birds,
Dead calmness, dry and lonely,
No children playing, rough,
Cut me into pieces,
Get a saw through me,
Feel my black dark blood,
Life like a prison, a poison,
Everyday, cold day,
Everynight, lost night,
Giving every single inch of me,
Watching from far away,
Scared to play, always afraid,
No dreams, lost in dark.
Finding a life, a purpose,
Need someone to show who I could be.

I’m invisible, they can’t see me,
But I’m standing here,
Tears falling down form my face,
Heart with holes, Broken me,
Want to feel the mist of rain,
Cold of winter, touch of someone,
Trying to find a friend, to play,
A picture perfect life, I never dreamed of,
Just in case dreams comes true,
Continuous struggle, a dope kid,
Missing what I never had, happiness,
Broken bones, bruised skin,
Why I’m still alive? did what takes to die,
Can I turn the clock back to start,
So I can never get to be here,
In this lifeless empty world…