Be My Light


I’m on my way, way to touch the sky,
Sky, like it was always there, few steps away,
With the light I always needed, a hope,
But I’m a failure, cause darkness is my friend.

Dark is always around me, push me up,
Need your hands, your warm hug, a help,
I’m so alone and thirsty, like it’s my life,
life that needs someone, don’t know where to turn.

I hope you’re my angel, a perfect chance,
Chance to get through it, I’m ready for the light,
A light from somewhere right there, from you,
You were suppose to comfort me, I’m still in the dark.

Guide me with the light of love, how to love,
I forgot what it is, cause no one is here,
Why anyone will be with me, in this dark world,
I don’t want to be afraid, I want to feel myself.

You’re an enemy, from this beautiful city,
Everyone’s perfect, why not me? Me?
I lost my way, please let me in, in your world,
I know in your heart, you won’t let me in, but please.

It’s my darkest hour, day, fuck it’s my life,
It had me down on my knees, call me, shit,
Sit down with me, talk to me, I’m funny,
Funny, humorous, like your friends, just try.

I’m broken, bruised, why you’re pouring salt,
It hurts, I’m like you, like them somehow, yes!
Be my hero, make me alive, touch me,
You’re looking at me, how, I don’t know what to do.

My heartbeat, you’re walking towards me,
So close, chills and you hold my hands,
You’re finally here, I can see the light, mystery,
Where were you for so long, It’s ok, no more pain.

Finally I’m happy, happening life, light,
We’re perfect, no more games with my heart,
Wait, where are you going, stop, no!
You’re done with me? Few moment happiness.

I hate you, you used me like I’m no human,
You didn’t even turned once, I’m a waste now? Sure,
You were my sunshine, after this cold night,
You’re so beautiful, but now I know who you are.

I’m crying, catching every tear drops from my eyes,
One two three, you have to pay for this,
I’m not made of stones, my skin is thicker now,
You can break me like a glass, go on, I’m ready.

Revenge, that’s all that is left, my time is here,
Silence has to end, sledgehammer, your head,
What the hell I’ve done, please come back,
No, darkness made me do this, use me again.

Those were the perfect moments I had, you gave me joy,
You were the enemy, used me, dumped me,
I thought I can make through this dark, I’m a fool,
I destroyed everything, hello my dark empty life.

Why I’m alone, I deserve it, no more hopes,
This mirror, why it’s not lying, like always,
Hiding my pain, a fake smile on my face, it’s gone,
My best friend, my mirror also turned his back.

20 years, inside war, hollow heart, hopeless,
I can see the light, light of heaven, this is real,
End of life, I’m leaving my dark life, coming to you,
No one is here to burn my body, ugly truth.

At last, I finally found it, the light, a friend,
You forgave me, I killed you, the blood, tears,
My life was a waste, I got my life, it’s crazy,
I don’t deserve this heaven, but im here.…


Indian Porns

Being a Porn-star is always my optional dream carrier and I’m sure, I may end up doing this thing in my life, but if I’m really going to work as a Porn-star, then its 110% sure that I’m not going to work in Indian porns. Actually, right now, India stands nowhere if we’re talking about porn things. We Indians always try to be like westerns, so why not in this field too? We’re 121 billion right now, and we’re still not able to satisfy world’s horny generation. I think we’re the only people in the world who Googles for Indian porns. This is really dope!

 World Wide Web, today its mostly about seeing nude people in your PC’s. Pornography is a huge entertainment business in todays Internet era. American porns! I mean, the real heavenly feeling (boy stuff) is watching their porn and why not! They actually do a lot of hard work , in making every single movie. Its not just a boy fucking a girl, its 3 billion dollars industry. Sometimes they make you realize its real.. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes watching a really nice HD movie feels like I am actually there… lol ,what I’m saying, true story! They actually have big movie banners who makes porn movies. They also have sets, sexy female stars, storyline, sometimes scripts, but it is useless. One of the most important thing for a Porn movie is the director, I mean these things are generally of one or few shorts, so an experienced director is really needed, so that he/she can capture the best. I really want to write name of some of my favorite female Porn-stars but I’m not going to.

Wait this blog is about Indian porns. Look, even I’m not interested in writing about this. Why don’t we people do something about this…?

You know guys, the main reason we don’t have any Indian pornographies? Because in India, watching or possessing pornographic materials is illegal, although the distribution of such materials is also illegal. Likewise, making or posting any x-rated stuffs is illegal. This is why we Indians don’t have much sex stuffs. For many reasons this is right, but this is also not right, for me, for we, Internet generation kids! I’d seen a porn first time when I was 12! It was an accident but I really liked it. I was very curious about these stuffs, I just wanted to know how these things works and I remember I had a chapter about reproduction in 6th class, that chapter was the one which I studied with full interest and concentration in my whole student life. And now 60% of my Internet bill is because of porns. I cannot tell you how many times I’d searched for Indian porn, all I got is really creepy results. The only Indian porn site in existence is, and its only because they post animated porns. Wtf? This is the standard of us? Really bad!

 Well, India is not a backward country, I mean India is home of the great “Kamasutra” and I think we all know how great book it is, people still use that book feel better sexual experience. Also, have you seen Khajrao temple? Its a world heritage site, I’d seen that place and it really showcases the other side of India. If all this things are made by our ancestors, then why it is not allowed in todays India? I know the women security is a big threat in India, but the people who are interested, let them make us happy. Everyone knows pornography have a big earning potential. Meanwhile, India needs other earning options because everyone is running for a job, for better earning.

India also have a porn industry, but its very small. Generally c, d, e grade movies are considered as porn in India. They’re actually movies, but they have more uncensored adult scenes. There is a small 200 seater movie theatre in my city which plays these movies, but I never been there!.

As talking about Indian porns they’re generally home made. I mean really, Mostly its because poor girls are forced to do these stuffs and sometimes couples record their video, but boys by fraud upload them! Its really bad, but eventually this is what we got! This is not a serious blog, so lets we’ll talk about this later. Continuing on Indian porns, it generally consist of a couple and a camera, it’s just a 2-3 mega pixels mobile camera which is mostly hidden or is in boys hand. They’re mostly MMS’s. This is the main reason why people of the other countries don’t look at us! I mean quality and dedication matters. 😛

 American girls they maintain themselves like they’re really stars. They do so much on themselves, that is why they look amazing. In India 35-40 year old aunties are having sex, this is disgusting. The main thing is quality and good girls and if we got it then see how far our Indian pornography will reach. Well I know there are some famous bhabhi’s all over India and yeah, actually they’re satisfactory.

One name came out as a movement in Indian pornography is “Sonny Leone” I must say, this woman really made benchmark to rest of the world. I had seen almost every movie she’d made and my favorite part of her porn is the seductive voices she makes when…. But! the fact is she is only 20% Indian, but still somehow she will be considered as an Indian.

 You know guys why I’m saying all this? The reason to write this blog is that I really want to see porns of we Indians, I’m tired of watching foreigners fucking each other.. I want we Indians to rule the world’s porn sites. At the end I’m going to marry an Indian girl, go on a honeymoon with her, even I’m going to have sex with an Indian girl… so why should I watch American porn? It will be good for practice.

Before I end this blog, I know somethings are really serious in our country, I really apologize if some stuffs makes you uncomfortable, I want to write something light, funny and useless. This topic is most appropriate I guess, but at the same time I really want good Indian PORNS…

Thank you for reading, I know this blog is useless but still I have my hopes!